Use Leftover Turkey To Prepare Exciting Recipes

recipes leftover ham
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Whether you’ve a party at home or you’re just preparing the usual dinner, the chances of having leftover turkey are pretty high. If you’re thinking about throwing the leftovers, then wait as you can dish out enjoyable recipes from them. Listed below are some interesting recipes that will help you make the best use of leftovers.

The ‘Savory Turkey Gobbler’ is one of the very best means to make the most out of leftover turkey. Served with cranberry sauce on one side and freshly minced salad on the other, this one is certain to please your taste buds. You can also top this one up with homemade biscuits prior to baking in case you are running short of time. Nevertheless, avoid the biscuits in case you are watching your calories and trying to get rid of weight. Plus, you could use the Dietrine Carb Blocker for faster fat loss.

Another engaging recipe is the turkey, ham and swiss casserole. This recipe makes use of some ham and swiss cheese along with the turkey. Both, ham and cheese add engaging flavors, making the recipe unquestionably delightful and lip smacking. In case you have any leftover croissant crumbs, then you could use them as a topping for this recipe.

In case you wish to treat yourself, serve this dish with sliced tomatoes and freshly flipped salad. For that matter, every meal tastes awesome if served with fresh salad. Salads provide a great nutrition to the body and help in improving the overall health too. Salad is also good for skin problems like acne. In case you are battling with heavy acne then you can consider using the Exposed Skincare System.

If you like all things creamy, then ‘creamy parmesan turkey sauce with country ham and peas’ is the best recipe. Making use of dollops of cheese, this one has an excellent and creamy texture and flavor. You can make use of smoked ham instead of country ham if you desire. This recipe works best when served with pasta or hot creamy grits.

For all the health conscious folks, the ‘curried turkey salad’ is the best way to make use of turkey leftovers. This recipe has chopped cooked turkey, mayonnaise, dried cranberries as the main ingredients. In case you are adding too much of mayonnaise, ensure that you make up for it by sweating it out on the treadmill. One can also add on green onions and pecans to augment the overall flavor. This recipe makes an intelligent use of various seasonings, which bring a fabulous blend of various flavors.

Now you have an idea of what you can do with the leftover turkey. So, do use these ideas!

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recipes leftover ham